New Year 02015

We humans like to celebrate milestones whether meaningless or meaningful. Here we have a new year. We’ve managed to travel around the sun again. A lot of people tweeted about how much 2014 sucked and that 2015 had better be better as if the universe puts brackets around years. I think the same folks said the same thing about 2013 and 2014. I shrug my shoulders. I just try to be better every day.

My own ambivalence aside, 2014 was kind of crazy. I ended up leaving SapientNitro and joining Mullen. I attended 4 conferences and presented at 2. I got a soldering iron and played a lot with microcontrollers, code and sensors. I supported several Kickstarters including one that resulted in meeting one of my favorite living filmmakers. I even started running regularly (albeit it very slowly) before it got cold.

I think 2015 will be more of the same. But, not just playing with physical computing, actually making some finished things. I want to improve my coding and building skills so that I’m at minimum a decent enough prototyper. I feel like I didn’t draw or write enough in 2014, so I want to bring that back into my daily practice. I want to figure out what my practice as an experience designer becomes as my focus and interests continue to shift toward emerging technologies. Who knows where that will lead me?

One comment

  1. I don’t know why but I have never really been to ur blog.
    I was looking through my old posts and saw your comment and I followed the link.
    Now I have visited 🙂

    Has 2015 been what you would have liked to be so far?
    I haven’t been using time as well as I would have liked so far :p
    I tell myself it’s not too late.

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