The Speed of Time

I am astonished how quickly this year went by. It’s been such a blur, I’ve neglected this blog. It’s a shame, ’cause it was an amazing year. I kicked off “conference season” attending Pro/Design at NASDAQ in NYC. Then spring brought IA Summit in Minneapolis where I presented a poster about wearables called “Anatomy of a Cyborg“. I took a few days off and hung out in Austin which is undergoing a remarkable transformation. With 200K more people since I left in 2008, it’s not such a small city anymore!

June brought me back to Minneapolis for the Eyeo Festival, to St. Louis for The Overlap and then to San Francisco for O’Reilly Solid. Then in July I had the pleasure of heading out to Arizona for Sketching in Hardware which took place, I kid you not, at Biosphere 2. And finally, because I apparently can’t get enough of Minneapolis, I went back once again in October for Inst-Int.


I’ve already been planning for next year which will include a return to San Francisco for the O’Reilly Design conference and I definitely will be at IA Summit in Atlanta and OpenVis Conf here in Boston. I am hoping to also make it to Helsinki for Interaction 16. Fingers crossed!

Nothing firm yet, but I hope 2016 will be filled with some big and exciting updates so watch this space or follow me on Twitter!


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