Charlene McBride is an artist and designer exploring the intersection of digital and physical worlds. She has worked on brands large and small with several agencies over the past 15 years including SapientNitro, Digitas and Razorfish. Previously she spent a decade working in children’s television and animation.

Charlene’s goal is to solve problems and make the increasingly complex world more understandable by designing rich, but easy to use experiences. More specifically, this applies to how people can better understand themselves through wearable technology and how people and businesses can better engage with each other in environments augmented with sensors and other devices.

Charlene grew up in the Midwest at the caramel center of urban and suburban life and where she learned that the cure for boredom is curiosity. She is co-author of Sketchnotes: Field Guide for the Busy Yet Inspired Professional and spends her spare time painting and bookbinding in her loft in Lowell, MA. She tweets way too much as @ursonate.

When Utopias Collide!
Sketching in Hardware 2015 
Biosphere II, Oracle, AZ

Anatomy of a Cyborg (poster)
Information Architecture Summit 2015
Minneapolis, MN

The Internet of Broken Things: Designing for (Around) Emerging Technology
Midwest UX 2014 
Indianapolis, IN

Better Living Through Sensors and Devices
Re:Design UXD 2014
Brooklyn, NY

Home Smart Home: Better living through internet connected stuff (poster)
Information Architecture Summit 2014
San Diego, CA

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