As I Promised

Oh the shame of having not updated the blog in over a year! I think I have a pretty good excuse. 😉

I said that something big would happen in 2016 and it did! In Mid-April I relocated to Seattle, Washington where I am now a UX Designer at Amazon Web Services. As you might imagine it’s a huge change both professionally and personally. It took quite a while to get settled with more things finally being out of boxes than in.

I used to describe my work in financial services as “dancing with complexity”. With the work I’m doing now, it’s like break dancing! As an aside, I attended the Information Architecture Summit (for the 10th year in a row!) and someone presented a poster on the information architecture of ballet and it got me thinking about my theory that someday, maybe 40 or 50 years from now, the common elements in breakdancing will become as codified as ballet became in the 20th century. We might think of breakdancing as completely freeform, and improvisation is a key element, just as in Jazz. But there is still a core structure at work. Anyway, it’s been great diving deep into complex systems again.

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